Illustrations and font for Tim Peake’s Sunday Times Bestseller book – Ask An Astronaut (Century, 2017)

I can’t adequately express the joy that working on this book brought me. It was ridiculously time and research -intensive and pushed my technical, creative and drawing skills very hard.

The last month involved more work than anything I’d ever attempted before, and I was immmersed in the subject and tired to the point that, on rare trips outside, I’d ‘recognise’ everyday objects as components of the International Space Station. I was going to bed late every night, and shambling to my desk to start again first thing every morning, for weeks and weeks and weeks. My fingers became clawed from constantly sitting over the Illustrator function keys. There was not a single second where I felt anything other than awed by the incredible story going on 400km (approx) off our planet’s surface, and goosebump-grateful for my minuscule involvement in it.

  • Century Illustration / Lettering
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