2 BEARS - albums, singles & various graphics

illustration, design, extended periods of magical thinking

Since 2009 I’ve produced lots of record labels, flyers and assorted graphics for The 2 Bears – here are some of my favourites, including the infamous tea towel I designed for the first album release.

For their second album, 'The Night Is Young', The 2 Bears continued to explore their 90s house influences but incorporated elements of various African musical traditions. Raf Rundell, one of the Bears, was born in Ghana and turned me on to Fante Asafo flags a few years ago. Joe Goddard, the other Bear, wanted a physical object on the album cover, and so it seemed appropriate to create a kind of imagined tribal relic telling part of the story of 90s dance but full of corrupted and distorted emblems from that era and beyond. Nominated FOR THE ART VINYL AWARDS 2014

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