European Space Agency – ANOMALIES comic strips2

Here's a selection from the year-long collaboration between ED GRACE and the European Space Agency - a series of cartoons to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Columbus, the European science lab, which is one of the components of the International Space Station. These were written in collaboration with an excellent team at ESA, who'd provide anything from details of a particular experiment to an almost-complete script for each episode. It was an enormous privilege to work with such an intelligent and important bunch of people, and to feel that in some small way I was a part of the incredible forward movement of space science we're lucky enough to be witnessing at the moment. These were released every fortnight via ESA's social channels, and were even included in the ISS astronauts' weekly science briefings, which I'm pretty sure makes me The First Cartoonist to be Published Outside Earth's Atmosphere™. Often written and sketched at The Rose And Crown, Tooting Bec.


Here are some of my favourites from the series. I did a lot of writing for this project as well as drawing – I’m particularly proud of the Christmas edition, with its occasionally ridiculous scansion and EXCELLENT SCIENCE JOKES.

space agency cartoon parody of ikea ads

European Space Agency – ANOMALIES comic strips